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Aware of the issues represented by the Greater Region in the economic development of the catering sector, EXPOGAST is located in Luxembourg, the business heart of the region. The opportunities offered by the international dimension of Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany are enhanced by the specific features of Luxembourg where 43.20% (1) of residents are foreign, expecting the highest added value to be offered, but demonstrating the particularly high level of loyalty among traditional Luxembourg visitors.


The social criteria of current and potential visitors to EXPOGAST: the international community, multiculturalism, multilingual skills and a high purchasing power are some of the factors favouring the economic development of gastronomy, culturally embedded in custom and usage.



Experience at your service, a synergy of skills, attentive listeners, a multi-lingual team that will focus on your requests... Your commercial contact will help you to clarify your participation goals and will guide you through the various steps that will enable you to take part in the event.



(1) Date from STATEC (the Luxembourg statistics portal)


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